News Release

A Stake Welcomes 'Succeed in School' Initiative

The youth and parents in Nigeria Agege Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been introduced to a new educational initiative called “Succeed in School.”

Through lifelong educational desire, effort, and success, the initiative is intended to build self-reliance among the youth of the Church and non-members as well.

Brother Yaw Danso, Region Director for Seminary & Institute, said during his training at the initiative's launch that the initiative is in line with the current local educational curriculum and that the goal of the initiative is to give students opportunities to think critically and discover new things.

He stated that the goal is to assist the youth in developing their foundational reading, writing, and math skills. Most people require more instruction and practice with specific abilities, and as Church members, we can and should assist one another so that we not only attend school but succeed there as well.

“Succeed in School is to assist students in learning, advancing in their studies, and strengthening their testimonies of Jesus Christ. Youth can acquire study, life, and exam-taking tactics through the book's activities,” said Brother Yaw.

Sister Francisca Imoh, a parent who was present in the devotional said, “I am so grateful to the church for this opportunity because the activities will help my children to develop the skills necessary to help them perform well in school.”

Elder Christian C. Chigbundu an Area Seventy in his closing remarks expresses appreciation to the parents for attending the event with their children. To the volunteers, he said, “Thank you so very much for accepting the call to be teachers in Succeed in School program. The Lord will bless you for blessing the lives of those you will teach.”

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