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Church of Jesus Christ Donates Sanitation Vehicle and Equipment to Totota City, Liberia

Donation helps community recover after devastating tanker explosion

Totota Mayor Clinton Brown (left), Elder Lee Trapani, and City Council Chairperson John Dixon, with keys to the new sanitation vehicle donated to Totota by the Church of Jesus Christ. 6 April 20242024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
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On 6 April 2024, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated a new trash collection vehicle and trash collection equipment to the City of Totota in Liberia.  The sanitation vehicle replaced the one that had been used for the past 18 years and had become unrepairable.

Totota was the site of a tanker explosion in December 2023 which killed over 100 residents of the community.  The Church provided multiple donations of food and medical supplies to Totota during the disaster, and provided supplies to the hospitals in Monrovia who were treating the victims. See article here.

The vehicle and equipment donation was initiated by Clinton Brown, the Mayor of the city of Totota.  Mayor Brown, who had lost a son during the tanker explosion, met with Elder S. Gifford Nielsen, a General Authority Seventy and President of the Africa West Area of the Church in Totota in January 2024.  They prayed together, and Elder Nielsen promised the Church’s support as the community rebuilt. See article here.

The donation ceremony took place at the Totota City Hall and was attended by many government officials and traditional leaders.  Joining Mayor Brown was John Dixon, the City Council Chairperson, and Madam Oretha Daniel, the local Clan Chief.  Also attending were the District Representative, the Clergy Representative, and various other community leaders.

Representing the Church was President Emmanuel P. Gbondo of the Totota 1st Branch, and Jerry Mends, President of the Totota 2nd Branch.  The Totota branches are part of the Liberia Monrovia Mission, with President Jeffrey K. Thomas and Sister Nancy Thomas as Mission Leaders.  Humanitarian missionaries, Elder and Sister Trapani, and the Totota missionaries, Elder and Sister Dustin, were also in attendance.

All the community leaders expressed their appreciation for the donation.  Clan Chief Oretha Daniel noted that the new trash vehicle will allow the city to clean up the mountains of trash that have accumulated since the old vehicle stopped working.

Mayor Brown said that the donation will allow the city to continue their weekly trash pickup service, and it will be stored securely at the city hall.  He said that the community would commit to maintaining the equipment with the same diligence that allowed them to keep the prior one operational for 18 years.

In his remarks, Elder Trapani said “Members of the Church of Jesus Christ from throughout the world and here in Liberia willingly give so these types of donations can be made. We are grateful that you have come to us.  We know that the donated items will be put to good use.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continues to grow in Liberia with over 22,000 members of the Church meeting in 75 congregations. Elder David A. Bednar and Elder Patrick Kearon met with the recently elected President of Liberia, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, earlier this year.

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