Whenever The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints constructs a new building, there is a dedication ceremony held when the building is finished. The purpose of this ceremony is to set aside the building for the work of God. A Latter-day Saint dedication ceremony includes a special prayer designating the building for Church use and asking God to bless the structure and grounds. A dedication ceremony generally also includes music and talks from Church leaders. Attendance at the event is usually by invitation only and the length varies depending on the type of building being dedicated.

Latter-day Saint buildings that are dedicated include temples and meetinghouses, as well as places set aside for educational purposes, such as institutes, seminaries and buildings at Church-owned universities. Temples are always dedicated by a general authority, whereas a meetinghouse may be dedicated by a local Church leader. After a temple is dedicated, only Latter-day Saints in good standing may enter, but all other Church buildings are open to the public after they are dedicated.

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