News Release

Elder Thierry Mutombo Delivers Scriptures to County Leaders in Kajiado County, Kenya

On 2 November 2023, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched its Trees for Food initiative in Ngong Town, Kajiado County, Kenya.  The launch of Trees for Food was reported in the Newsroom on 8 November 2023. (Trees for Food Launches at Event in Kajiado North District, Kenya (  During the launch event Elder Mutombo, First Counselor in the Africa Central Area Presidency of the Church, became acquainted with the Deputy Commissioner of the Kajiado North District and the Commissioner of Kajiado County.  Promises were made to return to the county and deliver English King James Bibles to both leaders.  Also promised were gifts of a companion volume of scripture. 

County Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners supervise the functions of the national government in each of the 47 counties in Kenya.  Geographically, Kajiado County is one of the largest counties in Kenya and borders Nairobi County on the north and the country of Tanzania on the south.  Ngong Town is about 25 KM (17 miles from the Africa Central Area office, and Kajiado Town is another 65 KM (42 miles) from the Ngong Town Kajiado North District office.

On 29 December 2023, Elder Mutombo returned to the Kajiado North District and then traveled to the Kajiado County offices in Kajiado Town, to fulfill the promise made to deliver gifts of scripture.

Deputy Commissioner of the Kajia North District in Ngong Town is James Taari Rwaria.  Deputy Commissioner Rwaria happily received a King James Version of the Bible with Church study guides.  He was also gracious when presented a Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price from Elder Mutombo.  Elder Mutombo shared with the Deputy Commissioner his testimony of the Bible and of modern scripture and pointed to the promise to readers of the Book of Mormon found in the book’s introduction.  He then shared some favorite scriptures from the sacred texts.

The next stop was the Kajiado County Offices in Kajiado Town and Kajiado County Commissioner Jude Wesonga.  Elder Mutombo presented to Commissioner Wesonga the King James Version of the Bible and a “Triple Combination” (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price).  Elder Mutombo described the compilation of sacred records on the American continent, its abridgement by prophet writers, Mormon and Moroni, and the miracles that led to the translation and publishing of the Book of Mormon in latter days.  Like the Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner Wesonga was a gracious recipient of the scriptural gifts.  Before taking pictures and parting, Elder Mutombo shared his testimony of The Bible and The Book of Mormon with Commissioner Wesonga as he had earlier with the Deputy Commissioner. 

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