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General Officers Brad Wilcox and Milton Camargo Embark on Four-Country Ministry of Central Africa

The general leaders of Young Men and Sunday School will train and minister in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania

Brad Wilcox, of the Young Men General Presidency, and Milton Camargo, of the Sunday School General Presidency, embarked on a four-country ministry of Central Africa over the weekend.

The two global faith leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are providing leadership training, strengthening the missionaries and providing support to members and their families.

“The purpose of our coming to Africa is first to represent the Saviour and share His love with all the members and the leaders here,” Brother Camargo told Africa Newsroom. “Second, it is to help the members see how truly blessed they are to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Third, to help them learn about, and live, the gospel of Jesus Christ in their homes and families.”

The leaders began their tour with a leader training session in Nairobi, Kenya.

When asked to sum up his message as a Sunday School leader to the members, Brother Camargo said, “My message is best captured by … President Russell M. Nelson’s [promise]: as we do our best to transform our homes into a sanctuary of faith and into centres of gospel learning, members will receive great blessings. These are that, over time, their sabbath will be truly a delight, their children will be excited to learn and to live the gospel and the influence of the adversary will diminish in their lives and those of their families.”

As a Young Men’s leader, Brother Wilcox emphasized the importance of the Children and Youth programme. The programme, he said, “is about brother and sister leaders working together, counselling together, and planning together to help the youth [be successful]. It is a real blessing.”

The visit to Ethiopia has special significance to Brother Wilcox, who lived in the country as a young child. “Coming to this area is like coming home,” he commented after arriving. “I am from Africa, I don’t look like it, but I grew up here, in Ethiopia. I left when I was seven years old, and so I say, ‘Jambo!’”

The leaders are accompanied in their ministry by members of the Africa Central Area Presidency.

Matthew L. Carpenter, Area President of the Africa Central Area, commented that the brethren’s visit could help members better live the gospel in their homes. “With their experience, they give guidance to better implement Come Follow Me gospel study and the Children and Youth programs in the Central African area, so that more of God’s children can benefit from his atoning sacrifice,” he said. “We love them, we are inspired by them, and we hope to implement what they are teaching us so that we can become better disciples of Jesus Christ.”

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