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Ikorodu, Nigeria Gets New Stake

Church Growth in Lagos Excites Members

It was a special joyous conference as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recorded another growth milestone in Lagos, Nigeria. Due to growth in membership strength and numbers, the geographical area previously known as Ojodu Nigeria Stake, was divided into two, namely; Lagos Nigeria Ojodu Stake and the new Stake, Lagos Nigeria Ikorodu Stake, on Sunday, the 19th of June, 2022.

This milestone implies members of the church who reside in Ikorodu area of Lagos State will no longer have to travel 25.9km to Ojodu area to attend leadership meetings and conferences as these meetings will now happen within their area. The new development comes with newly called leaders and newly completed central church buildings referred to as Stake Centre. 

Elder Hugo E. Martinez, the West Africa Area President of the Church who presided over this Special Conference, spoke about how revelation from God plays a big part in the process serving in the church in line with how Jesus Christ is leading his church. He spoke that the first priority is covenant relationship with God, followed by covenant relationship with one's family, then member's work to provide for the family and then one's callings in the church. He shared a teaching of Elder Bednar that we can't balance all but we should work to focus on each one when we engage in them. 

Elder Justice Otuonye an Area Seventy in the church conducted the business of the conference. He called for members to sustain their new leaders and the re-aligned boundaries by the show of raised hands. 

Leaders of the new Lagos Nigeria Ikorodu Stake are: Ayo Ajibola, Stake President, Charles Okoyomo, 1st Counselor and Ughala Samuel, 2nd Counselor.           

Following the carving out of Ikorodu Stake, the Ojodu Stake was reorganized with Adekunle Adegbenro as President, Kennedy Nwozuzu as 1st Counselor and Osadiaye Osamuyimen as 2nd Counselor.

President Adegbenro Adekunle  was emotional as he expressed happiness and also shared his sincere testimony of knowing that Jesus Christ himself runs the church. He went on to speak on self-reliance quoting Doctrine and Covenants 104:17 - he emphasized that farming has been a very good source of income citing availability of good soil as a yard-stick. He said; "dear members, please strive to survive on your own and let the recourse fast offerings be the last option. Working to provide for yourselves is a commandment of God". He concluded that God loves effort and he blesses his children who sincerely strive to be self-reliant. 

President Ayo Ajibola and his wife were invited to share their first thoughts as well as other newly called members of the presidencies for both Ikorodu and Ojodu stakes. President Okoyomon Charles also shared his remarks of his knowledge of God; "He will not reduce His standard to accommodate man, but rather man should strive to meet up to God's standard". 

Elder Otuonye talked about connections between parents and children. He shared his childhood experience of how he so much trusted his father to protect him. According to him; "When parents teach their children at very young ages, it tends to stay with them throughout their lives. I encourage you to follow God's Commandments by faith. Remember also that love should be paramount and homes. This way our children will grow to love their spouses.''

Elder Martinez, the concluding speaker expressed his trust in God and Jesus Christ on how the members of the stake presidency were chosen. 

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints come together as a stake (or diocese) to re-express or reinforce their commitment to support their leaders and also listen to them, twice in a year. This occasion is known as Stake Conference; or a Special Stake Conference when it involves reorganisation of this sort. The new Lagos Nigeria Ikorodu Stake began as a Ikorodu Ward in 2006 when it was created out of the then Lagos Nigeria Stake.

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