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Inaugural FSY Conference in Africa Central Area

Agency is the power to choose, Moroni 7:12-17 teaches that all good things come from God. Please remember this scripture and go for it when in doubt.

From 4th - 8th July 2022, Africa Central Area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints- held its first-ever FSY conference. This inaugural conference is the first in a series of FSY conferences scheduled to happen in the area. The theme of the conference was Trust in the Lord as found in Proverbs 3:5-6. Attending the conference were 695 youths, 77 young single adults, and 3 couples in charge of logistics and the session. Other speakers were also lined up to give talks on different issues affecting the youths. On 7th July 2022, President Sitati and Sister Sitati had a special devotion with the youths and instructed them on the importance of agency, obedience, and keeping the law of chastity.

FSY conferences are five-day events that include activities, devotionals, and classes designed to help youths strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ and provide opportunities for them to grow spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually. FSY conferences have been held extensively outside the United States and Canada for several years and have been modeled after Brigham Young University’s Especially for Youth (EFY) conferences. In Africa Central Area, youths from Nairobi Kenya had the chance to experience this amazing event that had been called off after the onset of Covid 19. Other countries within the area will have theirs soon.

Brother and Sister Mukasa, the session directing couples of FSY explained the objectives of the conference, expounded on the theme, and invited the youths to socialize, have fun, and above all, be spiritually edified.

"As the youths go through FSY, we hope that they strengthen their faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ and they may know with surety that they can always trust in the Lord,” said Sister Eunice Mukasa.

Participants included Brother and Sister Badu, Brother Carlos and Sister Harlaine, Brother and Sister Mukasa, 695 Youths, and 77 Councillors under the able leadership of Bro Hillary Okoth and Sister Cynthia Trinity. The invited speakers included Sister Emma Mbithi, Sister Lilian Odiero, Brother and Sister Andika, and Brother Erick Onyango. From the Family Search booth, we had Elder and Sister Spackman, Elder and Sister Staffler, and Brother Robert Opiyo.

The crowning event of the conference was a special devotion by Elder and Sister Sitati. Sister Sitati shared with the youth her experience as a youth where she was able to overcome temptation by being obedient and steadfast in keeping the commandments, she shared how she often ran over 3km when she was sent by her parents and like Nephi she did not murmur. She invited the youths to be chaste, valiant, and obedient in keeping the commandments of God with emphasis on the law of chastity.

Elder Sitati emphasized the importance of using our agency to choose the right for it brings safety to the soul. “All the commandments of God are meant to ensure your eternal happiness that includes having peace on earth, God has given unto you to choose, do not be deceived, follow the scriptures, leaders, prophet, parents and you will not be led to do wrong or break the law of chastity”. He concluded by imploring the youths to avoid deception, to be strong and courageous in order to keep the law of chastity. “Agency is the power to choose, Moroni 7:12-17 teaches that all good things come from God. Please remember this scripture and go for it when in doubt”.

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