News Release

Latter-day Saint Charities Brings Water to Distant Villages

Latter-Day Saint Charities has been quite busy in West Africa.  The Humanitarian arm of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been actively pursueing placing boreholes in distant villages.  Water is vital to the survival of these villages and these boreholes bring fresh, well water into the village.  It affects the lives of all the citizens.  Some water-borne diseases bring long lasting health problems to all.  

In one weekend, Elder Larry and Sister Pat Woodbury were able to handover four boreholes to different villages.  These celebrations are a delight to watch and see people so grateful for these gifts.  Some villages have had only surface water for use.  

The headmaster of the school at Akora-Darko, Amemuglo Samuel, said, "We were using the streams. They were a far walk and the whole village was using them. When the streams dried up we had one bore hole for the whole community. This was not enough to serve the whole community. Whenever you would go to the bore hole to get water there were many people. In the morning you could not even get water because there were too many people needing water."

Mr. Amemuglo shared, "Water is very needful to us. I am the headmaster of the school.. You see all the teachers and children here today and they are all so happy. Our water problem is being solved and this makes us so happy and thankful."

During the handover the headmaster thanked LDS Charities and said, ‘We are very happy with this water you have supplied us with. We are grateful to you. We pray to the Almighty God that wherever you were able to get the funds to provide this water for us we feel that God will bless you and those funds will be replenished.”

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