News Release

Light Shines in Kigali, Rwanda from Act of Kindness for Health Center

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in the health sector of Rwanda facing reductions in funding for normal medical needs.  This has adversely impacted the ability  of some health care providers to deliver the level of care that existed before the pandemic.  Donations from private organizations are vital to maintaining a high level of care.

The Kigali District of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, upon learning of this need, brought light and relief to the Nyagasambu Health Center by providing maternity room bed sheets, sanitation materials, and nutritional food items.  The Nyagasambu Health Center is located in the peri-urban zone of Kigali Center (Eastern Province, Rwamagana District, Fumbwe Sector).  Among others, the Health Center serves children in rural Kigali who are often from lower income families.  The sheets and cleaning products will enable higher sanitation in the Health Center and thus reduce the likelihood of the spread of infection.

Kigali District Presidency First Counselor, Oswald Iyabuze, upon delivering the much needed supplies to the Health Center, emphasized the spirit of Christmas and that such benevolent acts were encouraged by Jesus Christ.  President Iyabuze urged individuals to embrace the essence of the season by actively engaging in benevolent acts, to Light the World by extending assistance to those in need.  He encouraged recipients of the expression of love and much needed supplies to reciprocate by illuminating the lives of others.  His message resonated with the theme of spreading goodwill and kindness and embodied the principles of compassion and generosity championed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Nyagasambu Health Center leader Isaac Rushimisha accepted the gifts and expressed gratitude to the Church for providing necessary supplies that might otherwise not be obtained as the Center is located in one of the most economically challenged areas in Kigali.  He noted the compassion of caring individuals the gift represented.  He commended the Church members for their ongoing efforts and urged them to continue to set a positive example for others. 

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