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The Mission President Came Back to Africa

A reunion was held for the missionaries who served in the Accra Ghana Mission with their former Mission President and Sister Robert and Lynette Gay. They served as Mission Leaders from 2004 - 2007. At the time, their mission covered 6 countries. This reunion marked the first time Elder and Sister Gay had returned to Ghana. "We had missionaries from over 30 countries."

"I want to tell you again, you are the greatest sight i have ever seen since i served with you as mission president."

Elder Smith from Freetown, Sierra Leone “It has been 17 years since I was released from my mission. When I was interviewed by President Gay at the end of my mission he said to me, ‘Elder now ensure you go home and help build the Church in Sierra Leone.’

Back then Sierra Leone had one Stake, now we have nine Stakes and a temple being built.

The joy that I am feeling being together again fills my soul.”

Elder Hanson “I served from 2004-2006. President Gay was a wonderful mission president. He taught us principles of financial success. The first thing he said when he was teaching us principles of financial success was ‘pay your tithes. Pay an honest tithing and all other things will follow.”

Elder Joseph “The gospel was well accepted. As a missionary we were taught to lift the poor and the needy, we were taught to have faith as we taught others.”

Elder Chigbu from Aba, Nigeria: ‘I am here today with my two brothers and one sister. We all were blessed to serve here in the Ghana mission.”

Sister Emma Owusu-Ansah: “Every year we organize a mission reunion, but this is the first year we have had the reunion in Ghana. When I served with President Gay our mission covered four countries: Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Ghana.”

Sister Nortey from Ghana: “During my mission we were teaching a young adult in a compound in Accra. He accepted the gospel. On the day of his baptism, he brought many family members. There was no water available at the building that day, so my companion and I carried buckets of water from our tank at our apartment to the font. We were joined by several ward members and other missionaries, and we filled the font, bucket by bucket. This young man got baptized and remains in the Church still today.”

Elder Lowe from Park City, Utah “It is difficult to put into words how I feel being able to be back here in West Africa. I had the opportunity to be assigned to Liberia. I served with a senior missionary couple, and we worked with the few members there to re-open Liberia after years of not having missionaries. I was so blessed to have been able to help those members who had been on their own for so long. During those years of isolation, the members of Liberia showed such strong faith with such minimal support. The had great hope in the gospel.”

Elder Gay: “Brothers and Sisters, I hope you know the most important thing I can tell you is that I love you. Some of you recall that we had to learn to become missionaries together. When Sister Ahadjie reviewed the list of missions that have grown from this one mission, and we now have six missions. It had everything to do with you. You did the work. You worked with the Lord to preach the gospel.”

Sister Gay: “I just want to leave my love and appreciation for each of you. I will never forget this sight – your beautiful faces. I do believe Africa and the spirit of Africa was open to the gospel and the promptings of the Holy Ghost and will continue to grow in the right direction.”

Elder Nielsen: “These are the kind of experiences that bind our hearts together. The Africa West Area (AWA) is moving and it is moving rapidly. As we were called to the AWA we got together as an area presidency and began to think about the AWA. It was impressed upon our hearts and minds what is happening in Africa. What we are trying to do now is trying to develop the members for what will be the greatest time on this continent. We need leaders…to be prepared and ready to lead what is certainly coming to Africa in the next 10, 15 and 25 years. Africa will continue to move fast and to blossom and be prepared for our Savior Jesus Christ.”

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