News Release

Pioneering Effort for YSA Being Made in West Africa

The Senior Missionaries for the Africa West Area Young Single Adults (YSA) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered for a pioneering effort.  The group of nineteen missionary couples from eleven Africa West Area countries met in Accra Ghana to receive training on leadership principles and YSA Gathering Place fundamentals. The missionary couples came to their "Gathering Place" to be uplifted spiritually, understand how to support Stake Presidents, develop relationships and cohesiveness within the missionary group, learn best practices for assisting returning missionaries and strengthen the Gathering Places for all YSA individuals.

Sister Karen Aryee serving in the Accra West Coordinating Council shared, “We were so happy to meet different people from different countries and places coming together to share ideas on how we can help the rising generation. And how we need to understand and support our stake president.  We believe that the Gathering Place is indeed a place of learning and a place of hope to the rising generation. We came to understand that this training is to help us know what to teach and how we need to assist returned missionaries in terms of setting their goals, assisting them to have a TEAM and also pray and love them as our own. As the YSA come together to learn the gospel and to socialize it will surely help them stay on the covenant path. The Gathering Place will then become a tool on which others will come unto Christ and be saved.”

The Africa West Area Presidency (AWA) gave vision and motivated the couples to understand the significance of their mission responsibilities. Elder Jorg Klebingat, AWA 1st Counselor, taught the missionary couples, “your assignment is very important.  For a long time, Africa has been protected from the evils of the world.  Not anymore.  The adversary  is attacking, especially our YSA.  Make your Gathering Place not just to sing and dance, but also a place to study the gospel, engage in Pathways, to gain job skills, tto help them find an eternal companion, and to stay on the covenant path. We invite you each to have, develop, and personally strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ and that you will be successful as you support and work with your stake presidents to have a Gathering Place. Go back into your coordinating councils, head held high.  When you speak, they will feel your power and love.  You are representing the Lord and the Area Presidency in this very important assignment.”

As the 19 missionary couples return home to fulfill their stewardship, they know that with faith in Jesus Christ and hard work the next 12 months will impact thousands of the rising generation of the Lord’s Church in the Africa West Area.

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