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We'll Seek Out The Poor and the Needy

The Accra, Ghana Madina Stake Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is always watching for opportunities to serve. Sister Yvonne Tay, Madina Stake Relief Society President shared that as a Presidency, “we were having a lot of conversations on mental health issues and its impact especially on women as a vulnerable group. We mentioned this during our meeting with President Eghan, Ghana Madina Stake President, and he indicated that the Accra Psychiatric hospital lacked funds and needed help.”

Sister Tay continued, “Through our review and council meetings, President Eghan emphasized the need for us to take up service projects as part of our activities for each year. We involved him in our conversations with the hospital after we had chosen the project and he supported us with counsel and by having his counsellors available when his presence was required. We worked together to determine how best the Relief Society could render the service to the patients of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.”

The Accra Psychiatric Hospital has over 200 patients that are fed, clothed, and cared for on a daily basis.  Sister Tay was informed of the great need to assist the Hospital with food relief for the patients. After visiting the hospital Sister Tay explained, "They took us to their food storage room and there were only two bags of rice left in the room!  Two bags to feed over 200 people daily." Funding in the hospital had been reduced and thus supplies were extremely low. Almost all options had been exhausted, including feeding the patients one meal a day.

The Madina Stake and the Church Humanitarian Department worked together to provide food and medical equipment.  The donation is three different installments and totaled $50,000.

The hospital was grateful for the donation. Hospital Director Julius thanked the Relief Society and the Church, "We have never received this much assistance at one time! We deal with mental health stigma and oftentimes we are the only home patients have. For many once they are here, some will never leave."

The Church’s humanitarian outreach was launched in 1984. Then, a Churchwide fast was held to raise funds to assist those afflicted by a devastating drought in eastern Africa. Church members donated $6.4 million on that single fast day. Since then, the Church has provided over $2 billion in humanitarian assistance to individuals all across the world. “This assistance is offered to recipients regardless of their of their church affiliation, nationality, race, sexual orientation, gender or political persuasion.”

The Church follows the admonition of Jesus Christ to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, take in the stranger, clothe the naked and visit the sick and afflicted.

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