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Find more peace at General Conference, Church leaders in Africa tell radio and TV listeners

More than 30 Church leaders across Africa will be interviewed on live broadcast channels

Those who attend General Conference with an open heart will find greater purpose and more peace in their lives. This has been the message shared by more than 30 General Authorities and senior leaders on radio and television across Africa this week. 

In a seriesof live broadcast interviews across the continent, Church leaders have had the opportunity to educate the public about this weekend’s upcoming General Conference, and invite everyone to tune in via television, radio and internet streaming options.

"Twice a year we have General Conference over two days," Elder Christoffel Golden, President in the Africa South Area of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, told listeners on Jozi FM. "This conference, which will be held over the first weekend of October, the focus will be peace in Christ. One of the ways that we can feel this peace is by hearing messages of His gospel shared by prophets and disciples in our General Conference."

Elder Frederick Kamya told listeners on Samyu FM in Uganda that General Conference “is an opportunity for church leaders — the prophets and the apostles — to send messages to the world about Jesus Christ."

And what can viewers expect from General Conference, many broadcast hosts wanted to know?

"If we are prepared when we go into General Conference, we can indeed have answers to our questions received," said Elder Ephraim Msane, an Area Seventy in the Africa South Area, on the same station. "We will feel greater hope and peace in our lives."

"We will feel greater hope and peace in our lives." - Elder Ephraim Msane, Area Seventy

“There’s so much that we can expect from General Conference,” said Uganda mission president Walter Chatora on the same station. “We live in a world that’s full of hatred, we live in a world that’s full of confusion; we live in a world that’s full of divisiveness. 

“Life is full of challenges, but General Conference is full of answers. As people go with a clear heart with the intent to hear the Lord, they will find the answers that they need.”

"Life is full of challenges, but General Conference is full of answers." - Uganda Mission President Walter Chatora

More than anything else, it poses the opportunity for us to feel the love of God and his Son Jesus Christ. Sister Stella Ajilong, Area Organisation Adviser in the Africa Central area, testified of the central role of Jesus Christ to each one of our lives.

"To every listener out there: Jesus is our Saviour and Redeemer. That sacrifice that He made on the cross is a sacrifice to pay for each of our sins," said Sister Ajilong. "That sacrifice that the Saviour made, makes it possible for us to repent and be forgiven of our sins. That gives us hope."

The Sunday morning session will made made available on at least one public TV or radio channel in most countries in the Southern, Central and Western parts of Africa. 

To find out where to view General Conference, including YouTube, online streaming, low cost audio streaming, TV and radio broadcast options, click here

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