News Release

Light the World with Love From the Ghana MTC Missionaries

"This opportunity to serve brought a great feeling of love for our Savior in whose name we joyfully were able to serve some of his most needy children."

"During this Christmas season it has been the privilege at the Ghana Accra MTC ofThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to join in the Church’s Light The World Campaign. All missionaries and leaders participated in a service project to provide 550 large packages of food to the citizens of Bukom City in Accra Ghana. It was a monumental effort to have the food products prepared for distribution . The missionaries were so excited to use an assembly line process to assemble all of the food in a colorful gift bag. They then loaded the over five hundred bags each weighing about 65 pounds to trucks to take to Bukom," President Paul Craig reported.

That night in a devotional at the MTC, one missionary bore his departing testimony. He said, I have gained a testimony of service and the blessing it is to be able to turn outward toward these people. I know that service will bless us personally and our work.” His service helped him to focus on other’s needs, and ease his feelings of homesickness.

President Craig shared, "We express deep gratitude for all who participated in this project. We are very grateful for the peace and love that we have all felt through this opportunity to Light the World through service."

Sister Emelia Ahadjie, AWA Director of Communication, shared a tender mercy, "As the event closed down, two elderly crippled men tried to make their way to the venue.  They had been delayed and arrived after all food had been distributed.   Tears came down their faces when they were told it was all gone.  One of the security guards remembered there were four extra food bags that had been set aside and forgotten.  The food was quickly found and brought to the men.  The tears flowed even more as they praised God and gave thanks that He had been looking out for them.  

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