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Sisters Throughout Africa Central Area Celebrate Relief Society Anniversary

“The entire mission of the Lord’s Church is strengthened by you.”

Millions of sisters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered around the world on Sunday March 17, 2024 to mark the 182nd anniversary of the founding of the Relief Society, one of the world’s oldest and largest service organizations.

Sisters across the Church’s Africa Central Area also gathered to join in this celebration. The highlight of this event was the worldwide broadcast message of Church President Russell M. Nelson. He thanked women for accomplishing so much good in the world. He was joined by all the members of the Relief Society general presidency.

“I marvel at your faith and sensitivity to the things of the Spirit. I am inspired by your diligence, dynamic leadership, and your ability to see a need and meet it…The entire mission of the Lord’s Church is strengthened by you,” he said.

Relief Society sisters in Douala, Cameroon celebrated the occasion by holding a parade, dressed in the colors of the Relief Society, through the streets of Bonaberi, near Douala. The Douala District also organized a beautiful celebration of spiritual messages and cultural events, which produced an atmosphere of joy and the Spirit of the Lord.

Relief Society sisters in Nairobi, Kenya gathered in the Langata Ward chapel to mark the Relief Society anniversary. They listened attentively to spiritual messages of President Nelson and the Relief Society general presidency and celebrated the occasion with cake and snacks.

In Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Relief Society sisters attended the worldwide Relief Society broadcast by the Relief Society General Presidency and President Russell M. Nelson. They shared their testimonies about the Restoration of the Church and the role the Relief Society has played in blessing the lives of their families and society.

Many sisters in congregations throughout the Africa Central Area also gathered on March 17 to listen to President Nelson and other Church leaders, share their testimonies of Jesus Christ, and celebrate the Relief Society anniversary.

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