News Release

Strengthening Family Youth Symposium in Liberia

On May 14 2022, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Communication Council of Liberia held its annual Strengthen Family Youth Symposium under the theme: “Strengthening the Rising Generation.”

The program was held at the Monrovia Liberia Stake Center on the Horton Avenue, Capitol Bye Pass. Attending the program as invited Guest, was Mrs. Elizabeth Sudue Harris from the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo Information Services. She spoke on the topic: “Strengthening the Rising Generation: The future of our nation. Mrs. Harris stressed on the need for the young people to improve more on their individual character as they are the “rising generation and future of our nation.”

 Mr. Mohammed Konneh, the Secretary General of the National Iman Association of Liberia spoke on the topic: “The transition of youth globally.”  He helped the youth understand the various transitions from the late 19th century to the early 21st century and the impart which came after.

Brother Harris C. Fayiah II came to proxy for Dr. Esther Grent of the Ministry of Health Republic of Liberia. Bro. Harris spoke on the topic: “Life Skills.” He admonished the young people to learn how to make decisions that better suit them and not another person’s decision.

The youth expressed their joy and excitement during the program. They asked questions that were in line with the program. The youth came from every stake in and around Monrovia. 

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