News Release

The Church Breathes Life into Congolese School

Desks and sewing machines donated, classrooms refurbished, all to bless children and teachers.

A handover ceremony took place on the 18 May for the Badiadingi Institute, a large military school in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated 500 school desks and 50 sewing machines as well as refurbished classrooms and offices to help support education for the many students and their teachers.

The event was supported by the deputy minister of the Enseignement Primaire Secondaire et Technique (Primary, Secondary and Technical Education or EPST), deputy minister Amita Namisia, who spoke at the event and performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony. She was deeply grateful for the Church and its vision to support children, education and ultimately self-reliance.

She spoke of the Churches selflessness, “In our current world, it is really unusual to see a Church support a school that it does not manage".

She was joined by representatives from the Church, national and provincial deputies, the provincial minister for the EPST, the president of the provincial assembly of Kinshasa, military officers, and members of other interfaith groups.

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