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The Church of Jesus Christ Participates in Congolese Women's Summit in Kinshasa, DR Congo 

“What we are today is the fruit of the efforts made within our families”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provided substantial support to the Congolese Women's Summit held at the Palais du Peuple in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, on March 9, 2024. This large meeting brought together leaders from governmental, non-governmental, academic, media and church institutions to discuss the advancement of women's rights in this country.

Speakers at the conference stressed these points: women and men are equal partners; men must recognize the contribution and influence of women in all aspects of life in society; women must learn about their rights and exercise them in complete freedom; and the government and private organizations must invest in the training of Congolese women.

Many important leaders shared their thoughts about the current situation of women in the DRC.

Madame Christelle Muabilu, Deputy Director General of the Congolese Control Office: “What we are today is the fruit of the efforts made within our families.”

Dr Jean Claude Mulunda, Country Director of IPAS: “The equality of men and women must be defined from birth; girls and boys must have the same rights and opportunities.”

Mr. Roger Sesani, woman’s rights expert lawyer who represented Ms. Gisèle Ndaya: “Several women's rights are already enshrined in the texts of Congolese laws, but many people are not informed. These laws must be popularized.”

Land Forces Colonel Nénette Mukembe, the first Congolese female battalion commander in the RD Congo Armed Forces: “Women should gain self-reliance through the 3 K’s:

  • “Know who you are,
  • Know how to live and deal with others and,
  • Know how to gain skills and master your work.”

Ms. Joëlle Bilé, candidate in the December 2023 presidential election, experienced journalist, and entrepreneur: “Women should follow these five principles to grow stronger”:

  • “Training: you must educate yourself,
  • Finance: you must learn to invest in something that is profitable,
  • Land: aspire to own land, however small it may be,
  • Taxes: legalize your activities because there are many resources for women's business, and
  • Family: this is the basic unit of the society you are building.”

Sandrine Lusamba, National Coordinator of SOFEPADI NGO and women’s rights expert: “In former times, women fought for what we are today; what are we doing for the women of tomorrow?”

Aline Kimputu, co-founder & CEO of Juhudi Consulting: “Have ideas, be passionate and express them. This is when you will find allies to help you achieve your dreams. Take risks, don't be afraid.”

Jolie Ndaya, entrepreneur and CEO of ASHAM Solution: “Women, you can succeed in anything you attempt; believe in yourself.”

The Church of Jesus Christ was represented by Elie Twikala, Assistant Communication Director for the Africa Central Area, Angélique Tarr, a leader of the Church's women's organizations in DR Congo, and many other sisters of the Church.

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